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SBKITS Academy provides you with various courses in the most needed skills in market now. Besides, the practical experience so you will be ready to get hired!

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About SBKITS Company

Heart of a small agency & Brains of a big agency.
We are a digital marketing agency & training company that was founded in 2015.
We managed and trained national and international clients for many years and have demonstrated track records of driving significant growth and achieving successful returns from digital & performance marketing activities.

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Web Design

WP Grid Builder

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Web Design

WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor

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Digital Marketing

InVideo: Online Video Editor

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Why Did We Establish SBKITS Academy?

Although there are many people who are seeking job opportunities/internships in digital marketing agencies. And there’s a massive number of online resources available for everyone to learn from it, we found that most people/candidates found these resources to be missing at least one of these points:

How to start

There are too many resources, and they can’t decide which one they should start with which is very confusing.

Need Answers

If they found a good resource to start with, they usually have some questions about it, and they can’t find answers to those questions.

Apply what you learn

If they found answers, they can’t find a way to apply everything they’ve learned, as those resources are for learning only.

Our Aim at sbkits academy

Effective Learning Methods

We’ll build a website specially for you where you can apply what you’ve learned freely. and then we’ll monitor what you’ve done and give advices to get better results and achieve progress

Involving you in real cases with real customers, so you can get the experience you need.
And this, ultimately, will help you build your own portfolio.

About Courses Content

We will not produce the courses, most of the videos on the academy will be from various YouTube channels, we found that many people made great content online that explains “almost” everything anyone can look for and learn from, so it doesn’t make any sense to reinvent the wheel to record this content again.

We will take the YouTube video link (as it is, without any modification to the video) from the owner’s channel, so all views will count for the creator channel, and we will link to all creator’s videos in the description.

We will create videos when we see that there are missing points in the online videos, so we will add our own.

Why Learn with SBKITS Academy?

Although we mentioned that all videos will be free & from YouTube channels, But there are some reasons why you should register with SBKITS Academy.

Curated Content

There are thousands of videos online, we will curate the best videos (from our point of view) and display them on lists of “courses”, so we will save you time by searching, comparing, evaluating & deciding which one we should see, and in which order.
That way it’ll be like a career-path course, where we can take courses in a specific order to know everything you want to know about this field.


You will have the ability to ask any questions that come across your mind while viewing any videos. These questions will be answered by one of our team members, and after some time, you will find almost all questions - people like you - asked before in one place.


We will continuously add assignments to the courses, so people can check how deeply they understand the content of all courses. 

Live Session

We’re going to hold live sessions on an interval basis.
These sessions will answer the difficult questions in more detail. It’ll also help you see how you can apply all that you’ve learned in real case studies with real customers.

On-The-Job Training & Building Portfolios

We will choose some learners to work with us on real cases so that they can learn and apply everything.

And we will also create WordPress sites for most of them, so they can display and build their online presence. These sites will give them FREE access to the TOP & Most Expensive tools in the market, like Astra WP Theme Pro, Elementor Page Builder Pro, (The Plus Add-on & Jet-Engine Add-on) for Elementor, and many other tools.


This allows us to be of help to you throughout your learning process. Since our tutors will be available regularly, in order to give you the help and assistance you need.
Such assistance will be provided to you in many ways: Our tutors will be sure to monitor your progress and help guide you in case you face any problems along the way.

Job Recommendations

We are always looking for people to join our team, and we know that many digital companies are looking for that too (companies keep asking us for recommendations), we will choose the people who perform well in learning and consuming the courses, we will hire some of them to work with us, and we will recommend the others for other companies that are looking for good & qualified people to join their teams.

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